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Skin care is something that most of us aren’t concerned with until our 30’s. But in reality, the sooner you can get into a good skin care routine, the better. Starting a skin care routine is a good thing to do at any point in your life. With the Tuel skin care line, I am able to craft a specified home care routine for you no matter your skin type or condition you may be experiencing presently. Your skin will be analyzed and given a deep pore cleansing along with a delightful exfoliation finished with a light moisturizing, all with specialized for you and your skin.

Custom Facial $75

No face is the same… that is why at One Woman Spa, all our facials are customized to your needs. Whether you have acne, or are fighting the candles on your cake, we can customize a facial to your needs. We do a thorough consultation so that we can address your goals and help you work a great skin care routine into your life.

Express Facial $45

Our Express facial will be customized to your needs just as a Custom facial would be, it’s just a tad bit shorter. This facial includes extractions, but does not include a massage or mask. So if you are short on time, this is the facial for you! Perfect for your lunch break!

Back Treatment $70

A facial for the back. Great for people experiencing breakouts on their back

Acne Facial $65-85

Acne can be embarrassing and make us feel self conscious about being in public. The Tuel Acne facial will help you understand why your skin is in a state of duress. We will give you an amazing relaxing facial that will help heal the inflamed acne, and give you the best home care to help you manage your acne at home between your treatments. If you have active inflammatory acne, we may suggest a series of weekly facials until the acne is under control. We will also look at things that could be causing the acne, such as your diet. We promise, you will love the way your skin looks when you leave!

Anti Aging Facial $75-85

A Tuel Anti aging facial is jammed packed with antioxidants and free radical fighters to help you age as gracefully as possible, and even reverse the signs of aging in some cases! You will get the same relaxing experience as a traditional Signature Facial, with an added punch to the signs of aging.

Resurfacing Facial $95

A facial designed to help aid in the resurfacing of scarring and hyper pigmentation. This is a facial with a chemical peel as the exfoliation process. By using this method, you leave your treatment with less immediate irritation. You may still peel a few days post treatment, and you will be photo-sensitive for up to ten days, so sun care is a MUST!

Add on service: LightStim LED Treatment

LED Therapy isn’t new, but it’s one of the hottest things in the skin care industry right now. LED Therapies aid in the deeper penetration of products, healing of the cells faster, and calming inflammation. What does this mean? This means that if you have acne, it will calm the inflammation of your breakouts and help heal them quicker, if you are aging faster than you would like, it can help decrease signs of aging faster, and if you are reactive, it will help calm and heal your skin. You can add this treatment to any of our facials.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is an aggressive chemical exfoliation designed to resurface texture such as scarring and lighten hyperpigmentation. This service requires you to have had at least two facials with our professionals, and a strict home care routine. 

Sun care is a must as a part of your daily routine. 

This service is NOT available for online booking and is only available upon request and an evaluation with our estheticians. 

We recommend a series to accomplish your goals. Depending on what your goals are, your esthetician will help you determine whether a series of 3 or 6 treatments are necessary or receommended. 

*we tend to discourage chemical peels during summer months*