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Tacoma’s choice for Manicure and Pedicare

One Woman Spa is currently not taking mani/pedi clients. Our nail tech is on a leave of absence while her son is fighting cancer.

For hundreds of years it was considered that you had to be royalty or wealthy to have pleasant looking hands and feet. One Woman Spa believes that you have to be neither of those things to feel like royalty. Both services include shaping of the nails, with cuticle trimming, along with a delightful massage and a dip in the paraffin wax.


Spa Manicure : $30
This service includes detailed maintenance of the nails and cuticles, exfoliation, paraffin wax, and a reflexology massage on the hands and forearms, topped off with OPI color of your choice.

Mini Manicure : $20
A quick version of the spa service. Shaping of the nails and cuticles, and OPI polish of your choice to finish it off.

GelColor Manicure : $30
This revolutionary manicure has swept the nation with it’s durability! Perfect for the gal who is tired of chipped nails two days after her manicure! This product is a hybrid of traditional nail lacquer and UV gel. It goes on like a traditional lacquer, but cures each layer under a unique LED light. When you leave the spa your nails are 100% dry and ready for you to tackle your day.


Spa Pedicure : $45
Take time to relax off the Massage Table with this amazing foot service. Enjoy your time in the iJoy Massage chair with all the fancy foot work Rose has to offer. This service includes shaping and maintenance of the toenails and cuticles, exfoliation for the foot and lower leg, paraffin wax for moisture and circulation, and a relaxing foot massage. Pick your favorite OPI color for the perfect finish!

Petite Pedicure : $30
Short on time? Not a fan of foot massage? This is the basic foot maintenance service for you. Service includes shaping and maintenance of the toenails and cuticles, foot and lower leg exfoliation. Finish it with the perfect OPI color for your toes!

Gentlemen’s Pedicure : $45
The Gentlemen’s pedicure is a spa pedicure without the polish, so that leaves more time for a foot and calf massage.