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Massage Therapy for Tacoma

Massage therapy
30 min : $35-45 | 60 min : $65-80 | 90 min : $95-105 ***Prices Vary By Therapist***

Massage has for centuries been proven to have a multitude of healing, health, and preventative measures for the human body.

With Swedish and Deep Tissue being the most common, I use a healthy combination of the two for optimum relaxation and treatment at the same time. I take listening to the client very seriously as not everyone prefers the same pressure. Enjoy a massage to heal your aching muscles or to just relax!

There are very FEW reasons that you would not be able to get a massage with one of our therapists. But just to be on the safe side we ask that you fill out this health intake form. It is Mandatory before your massage, and it just gives us the basic information about your health to proceed with your treatment.

Our Therapists Andrea and Brandy accept many insurances and are credentialed to do L&I and Auto Injury claims.